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Beckoning Desirable Marriage

Beckoning Desirable Marriage

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


"CEO, Madam just marketed an interesting doll to Manager Xiao." Mo Zhai's face was completely black. His secretary explained in a low voice, "Madam said that it would be more effective!" "CEO, Madam has just sent a thousand sets of copies to the staff!" Madam said that she was enjoying herself with the people! " "CEO, Madam …" "Stop it, what did she sell? The company has already done all the work on sex toys. If you have the ability, burn them off for her! " Mo Zhai couldn't bear it any longer and roared at his secretary! "Um... "Not this time. Madam said that she wanted to take advantage of the time before the baby was born to go on a journey!" What? Baby? This woman was pregnant and she still dared to run around? "Go and tell her that her purse is so flat. Let her not worry about it!"