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Becoming Immortal in Another World: Skull Men Rise

Becoming Immortal in Another World: Skull Men Rise



Publisher : babelnovel


The special forces soul belonged to another world, other people did it with golden fingers to summon the wind and rain, yet he became a little loli's skeleton spirit servant. Fortunately, with the guidance of a great god, he was able to reconstruct his own body. Forget it, since he had already come, he might as well take care of it. He would take advantage of the time he had spent sculpting his body and flirting with girls while he happily cultivated to the Immortal Realm. However, he didn't know that the fairyland that people yearned for was actually so dirty! To protect his family, the Skeleton Man rose up in anger. So what if you are a god? So what if you're a demon? I stand by myself in this world, if anyone dares to stop me, I will meet the god that kills the god, and I will meet the devil that slashes the demon! Please read it, Skeleton Man's Travels. Close]