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Bride Of the Rich Family

Bride Of the Rich Family



Author : Mei Yue

Publisher : babelnovel


Mo Yuchen, the successor to the hundreds of billions of empire's Mo Family Group, was known as the Four Young Masters. It was rumored that he did not like women. Facing Leng Xin ruthlessly, killing him decisively and being extremely vicious, he was the most terrifying existence in the world. However, the Fourth Young Master Mo who had just gotten married suddenly transformed into a berserk wife. Help her abuse the Scumbag, tear the innocent bitch apart, and trample on the Green Tea Bitch. From then on, she would stand at the peak of her life. Everyone said that Mo Yuchen was using Luo Yixin and would get a divorce soon. In an interview, the female host asked Mo Yuchen, "Four Young Masters, what is the most important thing to be proud of in this life?" "With my name, I crowed her in her name." "I heard that the Four Young Masters has no status at all in the family. Everyone sympathizes with Four Young Masters. " "Pet my wife, what does it have to do with you!" "But Four Young Masters, Young Madame is raising Xiao Bai's face outside, do you really not care?" Mo Yuchen's face immediately became pitch black, "Just you wait, I'll go home and take care of her right now!"