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Brothel Princess is a Female Wolf

Brothel Princess is a Female Wolf

Historical Romance


Author : Mei Yankong

Publisher : babelnovel


She actually caught up to a man and opened the bud for her when she was young. Xiao Yu somersaulted and rode on top of the man. When he saw the diviner tomorrow, he would definitely reward him with a Elder Zhang's head. Except, after finishing this matter, that man actually said he wanted to marry her as his wangfei, what kind of joke was that? Xiao Yu looked around, only then did she realize, she was too excited that someone had taken her virginity, so much that they did not even know she had transmigrated. Princess Hua-Yang, it's so boring to play with a single person, she wanted to play around all over the Handsome Man to make up for the "leftover daughter" that she had been doing for more than thirty years in her previous life.