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Bully of World

Bully of World



Publisher : babelnovel


A young man who wanted to be strong had traversed over mountains and mountains to arrive at the legendary Immortal Mountain. He hoped to cultivate kung fu so that he could show off his skills and dominate the world. After a long and arduous journey, he finally gained unparalleled power. However, at the same time, he also lost his original value. All of his thoughts were controlled by power and turned into someone else. The youth reigned over a region, but one day, he saw the exact same person. He couldn't help but be startled and curse loudly. The youth who looked exactly like him pointed at him and jokingly said that he was just a miniature image that he accidentally created while cultivating 'Invisible Heaven and Earth'. However, it was too late for him to retract the miniature image as he was too concentrated on his cultivation … [Close]