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Carefree Abandoned Consort

Carefree Abandoned Consort

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Xiao Xiao was shallow, but she had been ruthlessly abandoned by her beloved man. While she felt she had nothing to live for, the heavens had allowed her to pass through! This was an era full of color, yet it was able to force Xiao Xiao to embark on a journey that was vastly different! He, the only prince of the Great Prairie, did not care about her abandoning the world's most beautiful woman. A piece of paper, he said, and he regretted it for the rest of his life. He was a veteran in love, but he could see the feeling he had always dreamed of within her smile! He said, "If you can turn back for me, I will grant you a lifetime of bliss!" He, the leader of the number one assassination organization, The Dark Night, was willing to help her wash her hands and make the broth. He was dressed in snow-white clothes, and he looked extremely handsome. Yet, there was an extra trace of gentleness on his domineering face! However, in her dreams, she still couldn't let go of her love, but in the dark, the heavens let her know that her lover had been guarding her for seven years! Old love, new love, how should she choose? Join Collection