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CEO Is as Fierce as Tiger

CEO Is as Fierce as Tiger

Modern Romance


Author : Gu Yue

Publisher : babelnovel


"CEO, the media is spreading rumors and Miss Xia is being shameless!" "He directly bought this media company to sell to the boss!" "CEO, someone spilled red wine on Miss Xia during the Mu Rong family's banquet." Transfer red wine from a manor and have Miss Xia pour it back. " He was the youngest CEO in the city. It was said that he was cold-blooded and arrogant. "From the age of fourteen until she turned eighteen, her coming of age ceremony had been completely wiped clean by him." "Bo Yan, I hate you!" "Be good, don't lie, just now you were clearly shouting that you loved me!" Everyone in the city knew that she was a person whose heart was put at the top by Young Master Bo. "Whoever dares to touch her will die without a burial ground!" Bo Yan, why are you so childish? Isn't your life important? " She touched his wound. However, he bullied her, "I'm willing to spend so much money, so what can I do if I lose my life for you?"