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CEO Pampers His Bride

CEO Pampers His Bride



Author : Yi Bai

Publisher : babelnovel


Su Yin Yin was betrayed by her fiancé, chased out of the house by her father, and scolded by the crowd. It was Kubei City that descended from the sky, took her away, and proclaimed his sovereignty to everyone. He said that Su Yin Yin was his woman. Who would dare to provoke her? They were courting death! Afterwards, none of those who had provoked Su Yin Yin had a good ending. "Kubei City, thank you for helping me get everything back. I'll be leaving first!" When the deal was completed, the man took her down with a dangerous glint in his eyes, "After using her, I want to run. I want to take away my salary." As he spoke, his gaze landed on her stomach …