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CEO Pampers the Little Cute Wife

CEO Pampers the Little Cute Wife

Modern Romance


Author : Luo Ge

Publisher : babelnovel


She had been well-behaved and sensible since she was young. Although she was his younger sister, she had always been willing to let her unruly older sister do as she pleased. She had thought that since they were all family, it didn't matter if she took a step back until the day of her birthday, when her sister, in order to win over a role, had sent her to the assistant director's bed. He got into the wrong room and got into the wrong bed. Helplessly, he signed the agreement and agreed to become the man's mistress. Under the circumstances of being in the wrong, he had entered the entertainment circle and easily obtained a better result than his sister. The evil sister slowly took off her mask, and finally found a reason for her parents' bias. Under the pressure of layers of truth, she could only choose to protect herself. But she didn't expect that the last person accompanying her would be the man who threatened her at the start. "Why did you help me?" A certain man waved the contract in his hands: "If you sign it, you'll be my man. If you bully my man, then wouldn't that be slapping me in the face?"