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CEO's Acquisitive Love

CEO's Acquisitive Love

Modern Romance


Author : Han Yan

Publisher : babelnovel


A marriage contract, Xu An Yi became the bride of the official scenery. He said gently and estranged to her: "An An, you and I have to marry each other, when the matter is settled, we will get a divorce." She nodded, but bitterness spread in her heart. When the day came when the dust settled, Guan Jingyi would not be willing to let go. "Stay with me!" Xu JinNian trembled as he pushed him away, "Bastard, let go of me! I'm going to look for the director!" His black eyes narrowed and his thin lips curled up into a sneer. He grabbed her lower jaw and said, "You want to find a wild man? You should at least pass my test! "