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CEO's Escaped Wife

CEO's Escaped Wife



Author : Cai Cai Jiang

Publisher : babelnovel


She was framed by her first boyfriend and forced to sleep with a strange man. Her body was even used to exchange for gambling debts. Betrayed by her beloved boyfriend, framed by her step mother's daughter, she was in bad reputation and destroyed body. What's even worse, she was kicked out of her house. She was leading a tragic life. While there was a man, who was supposed to change her life. What would he do to her? ☆About the Author☆ Cai Caijiang ia an online novelist. She does well in wrting urban loving story. Some of her works gained a lot attention. Such as <hurting of Qin dynasty>,<CEO's Escaped Wife>. The novel <CEO's Escaped Wife> is loading. The ups and downs of the plots and delicate writing have been well received.