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CEO's Evil Sweet Wife

CEO's Evil Sweet Wife



Author : Feng Siniang

Publisher : babelnovel


People said that angels and devils were often separated by a single line, but who knew how much pain and struggle there was between that line … The color of the blood was so bright that it was almost blinding. Girl stared blankly at the wound on his left wrist, watching as hot blood continued to gush out from the wound. The knife in her hand that was stained with her blood slowly fell to the ground, emitting a clanging sound, but she still didn't have any reaction. Her white face was filled with an unconcealable sense of despair and serenity. Those eyes that had once been filled with smiles were now nothing more than ashes. Her eyes were still focused on the blood flowing out of her body, watching it slowly spread on the floor, but she still didn't panic at all. Just flow! Hurry up and drain it! "If she could just let her life end at this moment, she knew that perhaps only death could truly free her right now …"