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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife

CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife



Author : Luo Li

Publisher : babelnovel


He wonders what's so special about this girl that she made him attached to her like no one else ever did. Gu Rou and Ji Chenxi met for the first time in a luxury carbin on a cruise ship. Being intoxicated, she unconsciously clung onto Ji Chenxi without letting go. “I feel awful... save me…” “Oh, how can I save you?” He thought it was a trap and she was sent by his opponent, so he finally sent her to hospital. However, on the next day, he found that she was an empoyee in his company and he just couldn’t stop thinking of her. The other day, he met her again in the elevator but she didn't recognize him. It seemed that he needed to do something to remind her of that night. So he approached her and was about to do something intimate. Just that moment, there's something wrong with the elevator equipment and the light first flickered then went completely out. In the darkness, she was terrified because of her past and she was so helpless… He discovered her secret and things changed from that moment.. He never thought that he would be willing to give up anything for her in the future... ☆About the Author☆ Luo Li, a promising new author of modern romance story.