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CEO's Pampered Sweetheart

CEO's Pampered Sweetheart

Modern Romance


Author : Yu Mu

Publisher : babelnovel


For Ning Xianyu, her husband meant that they lived together under the same roof. Other than the fact that they occasionally loved each other in front of their elders and outsiders, they were like strangers that she was most familiar with. However... During the menstrual period, her husband bought 'bread' for her, boiled brown sugar water for her as a warm stove. Wandering in a luxury store was looked down by others, and her husband directly drove her out of A-City. He even let her enter the largest plaza of luxury goods, so she could choose from among them. Not an arranged marriage? Didn't they say that he couldn't be humane in a car accident? Who was the man in her bed, demanding too much from her? "If there is one, there is two. If there is one, there is two. If there is one, there is three..." Hubby Xie smiled charmingly and pressed over. Just when Ning Xianyu thought that such a marriage wasn't bad, he suddenly turned into the main culprit behind all of this. "Divorce! Divorce immediately! " She clenched her fists, unable to accept that all of this was a scam.