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CEO's Rumoured Ex-wife

CEO's Rumoured Ex-wife



Author : Fei Jun Zi

Publisher : babelnovel


She loved him like a maggot, and he hated her for abandoning her shoes, for a political marriage, for keeping them tied up, but for breaking up with the Lin family; "It's signed." He threw a piece of divorce paper coldly at her face; seven years of giving, nothing in the end, she could not accept, she would not sign; he was heartless; her heart was dead, she left. Qin Cang Xiu, if power is a game for you, then, I choose to cater to this game! Five years later, she had turned around and built a business empire with her bare hands. She had become a business queen and had returned! He watched her bloom, watched her give birth to children for others, watched her smile like a flower in someone's arms, and watched her crazily flip the table! Lin Xia …