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CEO's Shy Wife

CEO's Shy Wife



Author : Qi Pa Shao Nai Nai

Publisher : babelnovel


The famous celebrity who was originally the focus of ten thousand people's attention was pushed down the stairs by his fiance and Little San to his death. Are you willing? No, she would take back everything she had lost this time. Is Little San going to be famous? Then she will let her fall from the highest place. His fiance wanted money? Then he would discredit him and regret beyond reach. Grandma, sister-in-law wants to use her? Then she would make those who wanted to use her regret coming into this world. "Wait a minute, what's going on with this handsome guy who always helps her take revenge on a bunch of dregs?" "Handsome, let me tell you. I'm not talented, I don't have looks, and I don't have money. If you keep chasing me, you will lose money." I've already earned enough money, and the occasional loss isn't much. I only need you … "What?" "At night, I will wash for nothing and wait for a few children to be born to my family."