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CEO's Sweet Wife

CEO's Sweet Wife



Author : Shang Shanruoshuisi

Publisher : babelnovel


You're not allowed to say that you know me, you're not allowed to call me when you see me outside, you're not allowed to tell anyone that we're married, you're not allowed to say that I'm your husband. A few times in a row, Lu Qingzhou's dreams were not allowed to be shattered into pieces. She had thought that marrying the god in her heart would make her happy for the rest of her life. Who would have thought that it would be the start of a nightmare? She was confined to his arms and tried to get divorced time and time again, but she couldn't get out of bed. "Lu Qingzhou, in this lifetime, you can only belong to me in the next life." Feng Ziyan had already known from the time she was three that she was his bride. He was jealous of the way she looked at any man, and did not allow her to leave his side.