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CEO's Vigorous Pursuit Of Wife

CEO's Vigorous Pursuit Of Wife



Author : Yi Mo Lan

Publisher : babelnovel


Zhuang Shili was a very arrogant and callous man, a man who only talked about money and not love, while Lin Qiuye was the woman he had accompanied him through four years of travel before finally losing. When he lost her, Chuang Chao thought to himself, He will never surrender to a woman in this life. And a year later, when they met again, Zhuang Shili had his face swollen from just a single meeting. "Lin Qiu Ye is mine, and my heart is mine. From head to toe, even my hair is mine. Who would dare to snatch it from me?" Lin Qiuye smiled. "That was not what Boss Zhuang said a year ago." "Wife, I've cured you of your blasphemy," Zhuang Shili hugged her. "You're the most adorable …"