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CEO’s Way to Spoil His Wife

CEO’s Way to Spoil His Wife



Author : Mo Xiao Qian

Publisher : babelnovel


She was the impoverished daughter who was chased out of her clan. She was the Dark Night Emperor, the symbol of power and wealth. It was said that she was a person with a cold heart, not near to a woman's beauty, but who was the person that pestered her every night? Who was it that made her walk like a duck every day? What about the aloof attitude? What happened to not being close to a woman? One day, a certain woman was finally angry. She held onto her waist and said: "Young Master Nan Gong, you beast. You said I was going to be a home tutor, not a warm bed!" A certain man laughed like a fox. "I'm the one warming your bed!" A certain little black demon got onto the bed without knowing why, "Yiyi, I'm soft and cute, my body is soft and easy to fall over, plus a warm bed without paying for it!" A certain man's face turned black. "You want to strip naked and run to the Bund?" The little demon was unconvinced. "Old man, I want to bet with you that whoever wins will warm up the bed, and that whoever loses will run to the Bund with their pants off!" The next day, the little devil ran to the Bund while crying, "Dad, I'll warm Yiyi's bed for the whole day!"