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CEO, You Look Like My Daddy

CEO, You Look Like My Daddy

Modern Romance


Author : luo xi

Publisher : babelnovel


His ex-boyfriend gave her to someone else for a contract. Six years later, Jian Haixi returned with a pair of treasures. "Mummy Mummy, Mummy, that big brother is so handsome ~ ~ He seems to be my dad's ~ Oh ~ ~" His son was mature and steady, always following behind his sister to clean up the mess. "This CEO, although you are very much like our father, you may not be worthy of my mother." Everyone was shocked. Was there a woman in this world that was unbefitting of the famous Master Ning in the business world? "Young Master Ning smirked and knocked a certain woman's bed." Tell our sons and daughters that I am not like their fathers, I am. "