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Cold CEO, Please Be Conserved

Cold CEO, Please Be Conserved



Author : yun ling ge

Publisher : babelnovel


She'd met him three times in twenty-four hours, and each time had been an eye-opener. When her boyfriend betrayed her on her birthday, she stopped his speeding car. Not only did he break the glass, he even taught the other party a lesson. KTV had drunk and vomited all over him, mistaking him for a public relations officer, and had even casually thrown a few red tickets at him. She was Ye Yanxi, a third-year student with a tragic and bitter life. However, she still strove hard to live on, daring to love, daring to hate. He was the president of the Xiao Group, mysterious and respected like a dormant beast. This is a story of a heartless little sheep slowly falling into the trap of a demon president without knowing it