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Cold Husband, Don’t Seduce Me

Cold Husband, Don’t Seduce Me



Publisher : babelnovel


They were together out of a deal, but the relationship between them is extremely real. She was forced into a deal where she would pretend to be his new wife, and her parents would receive a large sum of money from him. He is a well-known CEO locally. Many women regard him as the object of their secret crush. After she became his wife, she suffered many jealousy traps of those women, but he helped her resolve them one by one. Slowly, she started to fall in love with him. Becoming his wife is no longer a deal, but her desire. It wasn't until she showed her heart that it turned out that he had asked her to marry him because he couldn't extricate himself from loving her, but was worried that the difference in status between them would hurt her, he had to think of this method. The two who knew the truth started a happy life journey. ☆About the Author☆ Lan Bing Bing, an outstanding online novelist, is good at creating urban romance novels. Her novels have distinctive personalities, twists and turns, and delicate emotions.