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Cold Wife: CEO’s Too Arrogant

Cold Wife: CEO’s Too Arrogant

Modern Romance


Author : Ben Ben Niu

Publisher : babelnovel


He was the tyrant of the business world. Not only was he so handsome, he was also so deadly strong. It was also a good idea for him to sleep with such a man for the night. She threw down a stack of sleep expenses and walked away with a sweet smile. She thought that they would never meet again, but unexpectedly, the next time they met, he actually grabbed her hand and pulled her into his embrace, laughing unrestrainedly. "Woman, it seems like you've given a little less money." "Isn't that enough? "Then name a price." She was not in a hurry as she leaned into his arms to bargain with him. "You know, I'm not short on money." He lifted her jaw and leaned forward. “……”