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Cold Wife, Never Try to Run

Cold Wife, Never Try to Run

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Xuanyuan Jing, who had been reborn after a hundred million years in a barren and backward little village, had become the little Fu Jin with a dull temperament. Coincidently, there was a small amount of superpower in the game of chance that caused her to try hard to change the fate of poverty. He was the unique crown prince, cold-blooded and unruly. At the age of eight, he was betrothed to Fu Jin, who was of average status. His heart was full of plans to break off the engagement, but he didn't expect the curtain to fall on a dark dragon. The path of a bitter young leader chasing his wife... "Fu Jin, remember this. You dare to spout nonsense and break your legs!" "Since I said that the marriage contract would continue, then obediently be my woman!" "The tyrannical and unruly beech crane pinched Fu Jin's small chin and glared at her viciously." F * ck! If you say so, so be it! Aunt will not wait! " "Withdrawing his body and raising his hand, Fu Jin's fist was like the autumn wind as it smashed towards the annoying man." Little fox, you can't hide anymore, come home with me! " "The young leader was infuriated to the point that he couldn't find a way out. He tightly embraced Fu Jin's small waist and, with monstrous fury, dragged her into the carriage." Let me go! "I … I'm going to sue you for kidnapping!" Bring your wife home, who would dare to meddle with her! " Join Collection