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Consort Escapes to Runs a Theater

Consort Escapes to Runs a Theater

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


One day, Ling Chen'er, disguised as a palace maid, was preparing to escape from the palace. Halfway through her journey, her father-in-law mistook her for a palace maid and arranged for her to bathe in the palace to serve the emperor … "Did big sister hear? That little slut actually went to the bathtub to seduce the emperor!" "I didn't expect that woman to be so good at seducing men …" The woman's idea of teleporting to the palace and being treated as a demoness was almost killed, because the handsome Imperial Advisor's words luckily survived. After being framed and beaten up by the ladies of the harem, she was unwilling to accept it and beat the esteemed wangfei to death. The palace was not a place for humans to stay. They wanted to escape, but the emperor refused to let them go. He had finally escaped from the palace. Who knew that on the way out, he would run into the male owner who was bathing by the river. He wanted the female owner to be responsible for him … Join Collection