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Cool Girl and Overbearing CEO

Cool Girl and Overbearing CEO



Author : jia yi ming tang

Publisher : babelnovel


"She, 15 years old, her father killed her and her mother escaped, The court appointed an unfamiliar young CEO as her guardian. He, 25 years old, was cold and domineering, Yet she was willing to become a little girl's wet nurse. He used gentleness as a trap to pamper her, to love her, to take care of her in every possible way, To let her understand the value of kinship, the warmth of home. Afterwards, he personally sent her to hell … An orphan girl, abandoned by a man, with a child, without a body, Other than following her mother's example and falling into depravity once again, what else could she do? No, my fate is not up to the heavens! Weak people are abused by life, strong people are abused by life. Yin Yijie, I will not hate you, and do not love you, I will forever forget you. Then, find my own happiness without you. "