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Counterfeit Princess

Counterfeit Princess

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Shen Qing, who had received higher education in the west, had a traffic accident after returning from university and transmigrated into the body of a poor little girl. In the unknown dynasty, his parents had died and his family was a scum. Fortunately, he had a well-behaved and well-behaved younger brother. Life is hard, we are not afraid, start from scratch, the same as the sister of the rise of the wind and water. Beautiful men go with beautiful men. I support you. Let's call each other brothers and mingle in the Jianghu. What? Prince? General? Don't be like this, sister has no class sense. Here, everyone is equal. Look at how talented you are, it's enough to stun all of you. You want me to marry you? Are you bent or straight? Author original, please do not copy. "If there is a coincidence, please do not join the collection." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]