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Crappy Queen Conquers the Country

Crappy Queen Conquers the Country

Fantasy Romance


Author : hong song

Publisher : babelnovel


During the exploration of the ancient tomb of the first class special agent Rong Hua, his former boyfriend, who split legs, and his current girlfriend, Soo Soo, triggered the traps. In the end, Rong Hua was pulled into the space of the Demon God Continent by an inexplicable force, and was reborn inside the body of the crippled Ninth Miss. Elder sister Shu is fighting over her fiance? Sis doesn't care, but you have to pay for the transfer. My father stole my mother-in-law's dowry? Big Sis will request a Li Clan to break off our relationship, of course I'll take the dowry with me! The brocade dress was too troublesome. Big Sis gave the phoenix phoenix a phoenix to transform into a graceful beautiful man, to level up, refine alchemy, and take advantage of the opportunity to take on this enchanting man as her husband!