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Crazy Princess: Pretty Boys Lie Down

Crazy Princess: Pretty Boys Lie Down

Historical Romance


Author : Jin Se

Publisher : babelnovel


The eldest miss of the Residence of General's' Pig Demons' had been resurrected and attacked with her heaven-defying transformation. She swore to not talk about her children's love affairs, but to seek revenge for her blood! But … Young Lord Mo, who was pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger; Senior Brother Xiao Ran, who was extremely shrewd; Young Master Yue, who was mysterious and gloomy; and Demon Lord Mo, who was amicable and protective … What do these beautiful men mean by lying in a line? What kind of tempo was it to take off your clothes at a single word? Was it just a brain-teasing way of saying that he was a girl or a girl whenever he wanted to? Since all the beauties are taking the initiative, then this little girl will … Hehehehe!