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Cruel CEO's Hot Love

Cruel CEO's Hot Love



Author : Ya Ya

Publisher : babelnovel


In Liu Qingxia's world, she had always protected Situ Mo Chen as her "little brother". For eleven years, it had been hard work. However, this' little brother 'was too difficult to serve. He had treated her well today, so he would change his girlfriend in a few minutes tomorrow. It didn't matter, as the 'big sister', she had to endure it. However, Aunt Chen was too 'unruly'. She had actually joined hands with her mother and married her off to Situ Mo Chen without her consent. She clearly had a real girlfriend. Also, shouldn't Situ Mo Chen be angry? Why was he so good to her? Liu Qingxia felt that her brain was obviously not enough. It didn't matter, after getting married, she could still properly protect her big "brother".