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Cultivate Again To Be Unparalleled

Cultivate Again To Be Unparalleled



Author : Dao Zuo Cang Ye

Publisher : babelnovel


A certain Mahayana Period cultivator was ambushed while he was on his journey. He accidentally reincarnated and coincidentally trained in the most basic energy of the universe. But I swear, he really didn't do it voluntarily. Are you good at long-range attacks? Well, let's play melee! Are you good at hand-to-hand combat? Fine, then stand there and wait to be killed by me! Brat, don't be so unconvinced. This year, you're playing with a comprehensive character. The dangerous revenge of Cultivation Realm; The cunning of Immortal Realm; The legendary experience of Divine Realm... Everything was in the < Recultivating Unparalleled .