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Cultivating Expert Takes You to Fly

Cultivating Expert Takes You to Fly



Author : Ru Shui Zhui Meng

Publisher : babelnovel


After defeating a python, he unexpectedly obtained super force, and since then he has dominated the world. In order to help his girlfriend repay the loan, Li Qingyu was humiliated by the creditor, and his girlfriend left him for money. Li Qingyu swears that they will definitely regret what they have done today! Once by chance, Li Qingyu encountered a huge python, after a battle with it, Li Qingyu conquered and fainted. When he woke up, he found that he had a super-powerful force! People who had humiliated him once begged for mercy under his powerful counterattack. With his force, Li Qingyu quickly became a respected person, and many beautiful girls loved him. As for his former girlfriend, he had long forgotten her existence. ☆About the Author☆ Ru Shui Zhui Meng, an outstanding online novelist, his novel language style is simple and humorous, the novel plot twists and turns, which has been loved by many people.