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Cute Beauty's Romantic Affairs

Cute Beauty's Romantic Affairs



Author : Gu Hengzhi

Publisher : babelnovel


After the strong woman had transmigrated, she discovered that she had become the young widow whose love had been lost. Facing her in-laws who were determined to falsely accuse her, Jiao Jiao used her intelligence to start her valiant life. What right did a man have to have three wives and four concubines? A woman had to have three ways and four morals. She had a cute and beautiful appearance and a delicate figure, so how could a man love her every night? You said she was born weak? Sorry, she can talk and have brains, so she earns as much as a man. Since she was able to live again, she used her identity as a servant girl to gain fame, earn a lot of money, and gamble with a loyal dog that pampered her to protect her.