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Cute Wife: Uncle, Hug Me

Cute Wife: Uncle, Hug Me

Modern Romance


Author : Qian Ye

Publisher : babelnovel


When Ye Guan was reborn, he had always wanted to catch Lu Jin, but he hadn't thought that the originally cold and restrained man would suddenly change — — 365 days without a break! He was swift and decisive, unfeeling and unfeeling. He favored her and doted on her with 360 degrees of love! It was only when Ye Jianruo had successfully tormented him and retreated, then he politely told the man: "Young Master Lu, I only married you to take revenge on you!" The man raised his eyebrows and hugged his little wife who was trying to escape, "Then your development and utilization are not thorough enough!" "What do you mean?" "Other than killing your enemy, it can also be used multiple times!" With that, he pounced!