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Cutely Stupid Little Consort

Cutely Stupid Little Consort

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Ye Xiaoling descended from the sky, smashing through the roof of the house and landing in the men's bath barrel. The pretty boy was very angry. "You female thief Hua, you have completely seen through This King's body. What do you think This King should do to you?" A certain woman's brain twitched, "This flower of yours is neither fragrant nor sweet. This flower picking woman is not a rare flower!" A certain handsome guy raised his eyebrows, "Oh? Is that so? " Little Spirit Ye's sad life began because she fell into someone else's bathtub one day. If time were to repeat itself, she would rather fall into the pigsty! In this article, after "Shuttling for a Thousand Years Lying on You", another Shuttle Drama, which focuses on teasing and teasing as a prelude, is a loving, loving, and pampered movie. A certain man: "You damned woman, where are This King's underpants?" A certain woman: "Then isn't it hanging on a tree?!" Join Collection