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Daddy, I Want This Mommy

Daddy, I Want This Mommy

Modern Romance


Author : Da Mao Xiao Yu

Publisher : babelnovel


Six years ago, she was framed by her fiancé. Five years later, she came back to reclaim everything that had belonged to her! She had torn apart her fiance's disguise! She had exposed her stepmother's framing and her younger sister's slander! However, she had thought that her heart had long ago become ice-cold. She had never thought that she would meet that man who was as gentle as a god, yet as cold as a devil, and that cute little baby behind him. "Do you want little Rui?" His voice was so charming. "Yes." "This is a whole set. If you want Little Rui, then you have to take me." He brazenly leaned toward her. Rumor has it that he is not a woman? Those were all lies! ***