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Daughter-in-law of the Marquis Family

Daughter-in-law of the Marquis Family

Historical Romance


Author : Huai Xi

Publisher : babelnovel


When everyone no longer believed in her, she could only treat fierce personality as armor to protect herself, but was this really what she wanted? Her family forced her to marry her brother-in-law so that she could take care of the children her sister left since her sister died of childbirth. Despite the disappointment of her marriage, she devoted herself to take care of the children because of thinking about her sister. Unexpectedly, Someone had secretly killed two children and framed her, and what makes her desperate is that both her parents and her husband, who lived with her all day, did not want to believe her. She vowed to find out who had framed her! But as helpless as she was, she doomed to become cruel to survive. What she did not expect was that the husband, who looked frail, should be ten million times more vicious than her. ☆About the Author☆ Huai Xi, a well-known online novelist, her novels are meticulous in plot, she has rich creative experience and excellent creative ability, and her novels are loved by many readers.