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Daughter Of Rebellious Minister

Daughter Of Rebellious Minister

Historical Romance


Author : Huo Yue Wu Bian

Publisher : babelnovel


In her previous life, she was a female bandit who roamed the martial arts world endlessly. She flew from the roof to the walls, and she was proficient in swordplay. Unfortunately, birds die for food and men die for money. After her rebirth, she became the imperial concubine. Although she looked like a pitiful beauty to me, with her soft body that could easily topple others, she was not taken seriously. However, it didn't matter. She didn't care about the emperor at all. She cared about him … Hehehe, of course it's the palace's gold and silver treasure! However, it wasn't long before that man broke all her plans. … …. Advertisement Thief girl? What a perfect match, a match made between a god and a deity!