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Demon-catching Master

Demon-catching Master



Author : Wang Wen Jie

Publisher : babelnovel


Demon Resisting Master was a strange profession that was rarely known. In addition to the cultivation of mysterious spells, they had inherited the "Devil's Note" from generation to generation, which added a touch of mysteriousness to the profession: In the book, there were sealed all kinds of strange and bizarre demons and monsters, there were all kinds of women who could call the wind and summon the rain, and there were also eccentric and eccentric women who could bite their throats to preside. The ten ancient divine tools that had been lost for a hundred years, the mysterious quarrels between the Four Great Families, the Demon Master's ultimate mission was to catch all the demons in the atlas? Or could it be that there was an unspeakable secret behind it? Now, I will take you on a legendary path to behead demons and devils, and see how the employees will use demons to deal with humans and demons, and reach the pinnacle of life!