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Deputy Yama

Deputy Yama



Author : Yi Zhu Lao Gu Yan

Publisher : babelnovel


Don't think that without spring, a little hoodlum who collects protection fees at the school gates will be beaten up by others and become the Chief Executive of the Underworld — King Yama. This time, it's going to be very lively. To become the King of Hell and the Fighting Heavenly Court, reform the Underworld's system, and lead the dead spirits to resist the oppression of the Gods of the Heavenly Court. Howling Celestial Dog, Erlang Shen, Taurus Star, Titan … They all arrived, including Fuxi, Nuwa, and Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan. The Greek gods, the twelve Archangels, the Norse mythology. The last sentence was: I am the biggest in the world... Wahaha...