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Devil King Pampers His Devil Consort

Devil King Pampers His Devil Consort

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


I was in love with him when he was young, and I went out in the wind and rain to make him live and die, and I made a deal with the Emperor and went to the palace and became a slave. I didn't know you liked me at the time, but I thought no one was there that night. "Heaven love, go seduce the protons. When I kill him, I'll let you out of the palace." But your majesty, in the blink of an eye, you want to make me your consort? "Heaven's love, if you return to my side, no one can replace you. I like you." Mo Li told me gently. My tears fell like rain. After that night, I was already a baby, and Mo Li and I could no longer return to the past. Di Wang Yan was destined for me to become a queen, but how could I allow two people from the first palace? 'Tired of the harem's deceit, Your Majesty, please let me go. I am a lowly woman, so how can I become a golden age later? '