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Divine Cultivator in Another World

Divine Cultivator in Another World



Publisher : babelnovel


He originally thought that he would instantly become a wandering soul, but who would have thought that jumping off the cliff would allow him to jump into the Dragon Gate. The mysterious elder's guidance and three thousand years of bitter cultivation had finally made him a god. He originally thought that cultivating to the Divine level would only make one a playboy who enjoyed the bliss of women. Who would have thought that it would be because of the heavenly tribulation that he would be drawn into this strange magic world? It seemed as though this' Deity ',' Human ', and' Demon Three Realms' were all destined to be his … Welcome to the "Cultivating Spirit" book group: 16911987, 20990935, 28095105, I await your opinion! A new book was posted: "An Adventurer's Adventures in a Carefree World"