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Divine Thunderbolt

Divine Thunderbolt



Publisher : babelnovel


On the continent of Sobbing God Continent, warriors were on the chopping block, and the weak were all fishes. A servant youth that could not cultivate yet was poisoned by the insults had obtained a blessing in disguise. He opened a mysterious spirit stone, refined a blood bone, refined a divine sense, and entered into a supreme Thunder Soul on the Divine Soul Board! Holding the power of heavenly lightning, stepping on the Black Pavilion Dragon, coming out from the Wu Ji Sect, traversing through the Abyss Hell, the Blood Heaven, the Reincarnation Space, and the death forbidden zone … The youth rushed through the storm, his voice booming as he advanced by leaps and bounds! Hundred Dynasty, Ten Imperial City, One Capital, Heaven's Pride, Thousand Year Family, Eternal Temple … Duré vowed to contend with countless peerless geniuses. In the ninth level of the Martial Dao, who could challenge the heavens? I, Du Lei, dreamt of stepping onto the Heavenly Dao, soaring through the skies and dancing in the clouds, becoming the brightest star in the universe! Close]