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Doctor Agent Spoils Dumb Wife

Doctor Agent Spoils Dumb Wife

Historical Romance


Author : Mo Lv Xian

Publisher : babelnovel


tong yan prince i need you to clarify a bit there's a rumor saying that you like me a certain prince hmm let me clarify that it is not a rumor tong yan she just wanted to keep a low profile and be a scumbag who ate and drank until she found the right time to return to the modern era however some big boss always liked to take her to level up and fight monsters coupled with her heaven-defying luck she could easily become the strongest master in the world alright since that was the case he could only forcefully attack your royal highness i'll tell you the truth that i'm an ace of the ninth division lie still i'll lead you oh really i am a senior advisor at the 9th rank what class are you your highness you also f*cking transmigrated