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Double Pole Heaven Dao

Double Pole Heaven Dao



Author : Hun Gui Bai Zhan

Publisher : babelnovel


Are you a genius who has been tormented by beauty since young? Please, no matter if it's the Ice Snow Huang Rong, or Li Mosou who has been emotionless since ancient times, with Ruo Ling's card, they are all my character cards. Do you have any masterwork weapons made by the ancient dwarves? F * * k, I don't need these things, because whether it's the golden saint robe or the Bio Boosting armour, they're just my items card; how can a Saint realm expert's battle qi mantra defeat my Dao-heart type demon, the War God's Atlas, the Lone Nine Swords, or the Six Passages Divine Sword? What! You still have magic? Sigh, I don't even dare to release the skill card that I came from the Immortal World. I'm afraid that you all will say that I am anti-human …