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Eight-Coin Divine Sword

Eight-Coin Divine Sword



Author : zhenyinfang

Publisher : babelnovel


A young man who is filled with hatred, joined the top ten sects to start a training journey. He entered Xianling mountain and met yaozun. He went back to his family and was handed down by his grandfather. Kill the gods fist technique, life taking sword technique, all kinds of mastery. Get to know the daughter of the demon king. Help to participate in the recommendation conference of the devil king as the husband of the devil, and win the position of the great devil king at one stroke. From then on, carp leaped into the dragon's gate and became one of the most powerful forces in the cultivation world. Finally, he fought with the leader of the evil cult of human head and snake body, and Nalan Xiaoyun defeated his opponent with eight coins divine sword, becoming a god respected by everyone.