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Empress in Golden Age

Empress in Golden Age

Historical Romance


Author : Jie Yu

Publisher : babelnovel


She was Princess Xuanji of the Southern Wanxiang. With her gorgeous appearance, she was an astounding talent that spread throughout the world, attracting countless noble young masters from powerful countries to chase after her. In these four years, she had gone to great lengths to help the crown prince fight, take in court officials, and build Heavenly Secrets Guard. In the end, she had become the emperor of the West Chu, but what she got in return was the destruction of South Zhao, the slaughter of the entire city, and the addition of a sharp blade to her body. And she finally knew the reason why Xiao Ruo Ao had married her — he could obtain Princess Xun Ji and the entire world! He was the Prince of Northern Zhou who stood above all the others. One glance at him was enough to win him a lifetime of love. However, because he was a man of few words and had a personality that hid his emotions, he was rejected. Four years later, he knew that she was in trouble. Disregarding life and death, he barged into the Western Chu Palace to save her from danger and from then on, accompanied her on a path of vengeance that would overturn the world …