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Empress Yuanke: A Road to be Phoenix

Empress Yuanke: A Road to be Phoenix

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


She was the daughter of a concubine from the Hou Mansion. Her mother had died early and had been raised by a servant. Her grandmother had not cared for her uncle the entire way. If nothing unexpected happened, she would spend her entire life in obscurity. At the age of fifteen, her family informed her to enter the palace for the talent show, in exchange for her sister's freedom to marry. After learning the truth, she didn't say anything, only patted her bag and entered the palace alone. God is always fair, he said, closing the door. He will open another door for you, including the window. At the age of fifteen, she became a close maid to the emperor; at the age of sixteen, she assassinated an official of Tumen and changed the history of Tumen; at the age of seventeen, she forced Tumen to bow his head before her; at the age of seventeen, she married a prince and a consort; at the age of eighteen, she interfered with Tumen's situation and took charge of the Grand Xia spy agency. At the end of the day, Su Yaoyue's greatest wish was actually her parents. It was just that, she was in this vile feudal society! Actually, what Dong Zhu wanted to talk about was just the process of a woman growing up. Join Collection