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Endless Milky Way

Endless Milky Way



Author : zhenyinfang

Publisher : babelnovel


The universe star region is said to be made by a great God with his powerful power. A "blazing knife" opened up the dispute in the peaceful universe. The legendary sword has the ability to connect the sky. Once the blade comes out, it can cut everything. If it is light, it will destroy the earth and if it is heavy, it will destroy the planet. Countless martial artists are concentrated here. They have only one purpose, that is, the legendary sword! He, Wei Yuan, a cultivator with lofty ideals, became a member of the sea of people in order to realize his ambition and hegemony. Treasure hunting knife, the God of cultivation, in order to go to the endless fairyland, he must clear all obstacles! Unfortunately, the journey is difficult and all the challenges are unknown. In the process, whether he can successfully seek the sword and realize his great wish of becoming an immortal.