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Eternal Divine Emperor

Eternal Divine Emperor



Publisher : babelnovel


Ye Xing, an ordinary boy from a remote continent, was persecuted and became a useless man unable to cultivate. Luckily, he met the man who changed his fate in time,. The man in purple who called himself "Qing Tian" appeared behind him. Qing Tian said to him, "This world respects strength, and all the injustice you suffered came from your lack of strength." From then on, the invisible hand began to push the wheel of youth's fate. Adventure or conspiracy, survival or destruction? Unimportant. Ye Xing will break all shackles and control his own fate. ☆About the Author☆ Xi Xia Qiu Ye is an outstanding fantasy novel writer. He has written two novels, they are Devil Daddy In City and Eternal Divine Emperor.